"Those who don't look far enough ahead inevitably have trouble near at hand"
- Confucious 500 BC

Boomers and Seniors- folks ages 55 to 70+have a new and diffferent view of "retirement". We are living longer, healthier lives exploring new lifestyles. We have original, unique, individual situations that conventional, traditional methods of specialist oriented planning don't adaquately handle. We need a Big Picture Planner- Someone who sees and coordinates ALL the aspects of our financial situation, not just a part.  Each of us have strived to be unique, doing our own thing for the last 30 years-

Whether you need guidance with your retirement income planning, prudent asset management, or leaving a legacy to your family or favorite charity, RChristian Financial Consultants, LLC  can help direct you with common sense solutions and strategies and accompany you as you achieve your specific goals and objectives.  We adhere to the fiduciary standard of care, acting always in the clients best interest, holistically providing a client experience of peace of mind, confidence in the future and clarity in their decisions.
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Please see our ADV for a full explaination of our business structure, fees and disclosures.

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We Understand the Female Boomer Client Like No Other Firm
  • We understand that Middle American Boomer Women lead complex lives, have constant demands for their time and attention. We think of ways we can help you Convert Fear to Peace of Mind, create clarity, unwind complexity and increase your confidence so that everyone will be taken care of. We listen, We are empathetic. We Strive to understand!
  • WE ARE: 
    • Forward Looking- Proactive planning solutions
    • Cost Effective-innovative products and solutions that fit your budget
    • Tax Efficient-Collaborate with Tax Pros to assure good planning
    • Transparent No hidden costs or commissions You know what you pay us
    • Reasonable cost- Hourly fees, Annual Retainer, Asset management fees, or commissions. Whatever works best for you.


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Mission Statement

We believe in placing our clients best interest first.
Therefore, I am proud to commit to the following five fiduciary principles:


            I will always put my client’s best interest first.


            I will act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence and good judgment of a professional.


I will not mislead clients, and I will provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts.


I will avoid conflicts of interest.


I will fully disclose and fairly manage, in my client’s favor, any unavoidable conflicts.

I suggest that those who are not our clients, to copy this statement and ask their financial advisor to sign it.  If they refuse --call us to arrange an initial, no cost visit to learn the difference a Fiduciary can make.

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